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Our History

Seasoned Veterans, Nuanced Expertise

Brian Malliet and Nima Taghavi founded bkm Capital Partners in 2013 to institutionalize its Principals’ investment practice of unlocking value through strategic upgrades, hands-on management, and adaptive repositioning of multi-tenant industrial business parks in selected metro areas of the western U.S.
Malliet and Taghavi began collaborating on industrial property deals in the early 2000s. They quickly discovered a shared appreciation for investment opportunities offering meaningful upside potential with minimal risk to underlying principal capital.

Today, the leadership team and board of advisors that comprise bkm Capital Partners have come together to harness decades of collective and independent experience.

Our investment philosophy is to seek opportunities that offer meaningful upside potential with minimal risk to underlying principal capital.

Founder Brian Malliet

Brian Malliet has more than 25 years of commercial real estate experience and has invested over $850 million in the property type that is bkm’s sole focus. In his career, he has assumed several different roles around real estate investment activity — broker, principal investor, special servicer, etc. As such, he understands the perspective of every stakeholder in a transaction. Brian’s many years in the business have built him a superlative network within industrial real estate, and he has brought to bkm Capital Partners several executives with whom he has worked closely before.

Founder Nima Taghavi

Nima Taghavi is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of private investment management firm GROUP 206, where he is the firm’s primary capital contributor and business builder. He brings 30 years of entrepreneurial business experience and over 20 years of real estate development and investing experience. Nima’s entrepreneurship has included building from scratch and successfully divesting several businesses, including Crave Entertainment Group, which was at its time of sale the largest private video game business in the United States. Nima brings this passion for enterprise value creation and a far-reaching contact network to bkm Capital Partners. He serves on bkm’s Investment Committee and its Board of Advisors.

The team’s history together and its diverse, complimentary skills offer a unique opportunity to investors.