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Spotlight on INDUSTRIAL | Industrial Real Estate Sector Poised for Continued Boom

APRIL 2015 | National Real Estate Investor

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Industrial Sales, Takeovers Shatter Record

FEBRUARY 2016 | Real Estate Alert
Industrial deals skyrocketed in 2015, as property trades and corporate acquisitions combined to double the peak volume of the last cycle.
Some $36.9 billion worth of large U.S. industrial…
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Institutions Under Allocated in Industrial

JANUARY 2016 | Globe Street
There is runway left in the industrial cycle, and one clear sign is the under allocation of institutional capital in industrial. “Institutional capital is…
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Industrial Sector Ends 2015 Still in Middle Innings

JANUARY 2016 | Penton
Though it could win the Most Improved Real Estate Sector award, the U.S. industrial sector hasn’t yet hit the seventh­inning stretch in this market cycle, according to industry experts. Investors both foreign and domestic…
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New Temptations, Foreign investors are suddenly drawn to industrial properties

JANUARY 2016 | National Real Estate Investor
Industrial properties, typically a sector ignored by foreign investors due to comparatively low lease rates and locations far away from urban centers, have now become a desired asset class for such buyers, including foreign pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, experts say…
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